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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Island is slowly tranforming.

This particular Wattle is white.

Rocky Bay.

Entrance to Rocky Bay.

The decline is very steep, but worth it!

Pandanus are fruiting. The fruit as it ripens turns red.

The fruit of this amazing plant is eaten by Cockatoo's.

With the change of season, so to are the sunsets.

Certain speices of butterfly are more prominant.

We noticed no insects or birds were eating this particular fruit, so chances are its poisonous.

Native Passion Fruit.


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Geoffrey Bay. (ARCADIA)
Beautiful Geoffrey Bay low tide.

Bremner Point. 
Geoffrey Bay is a Marine National Park Zone. As a resault the animals that inhabit this area are very tame. This includes fish which are visable.

Rock Wallaby's are very popular with visiting tourists and a healthy population lives in this area.

Walk way leading further out to Bremner Point.

At dusk and night, possums co inhabit this area with the Wallabys. Possums are very friendly to human contact.

The island Wattles are out in flower. The sights are spectacular. We currently are photographing this and will post pictures shortly.

Whole landscapes transform into a spectical of colour.