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Thursday, 21 June 2012

A grand old lady falls.
When we first came to the island, this is a photo we took.

Same tree's today, a grand old lady has fallen.

More light is entering the entrance of the lagoon and the tree still has green leaves and is starting to flower.

One of the things that amazed me when we first came to the island is the gigantic size of the paper barks.

Looking towards the lagoon, we could see the tops of the paper bark tree's were flowering.

The noice of the Lorikeets is exstremly loud as these amazing Parrots feed on the necter.

       Rain Bow Lorrikeets are plentiful, they strip tree's of there flower in search of the necter.

This combination of orange honey suckle and white wattle flower should be stunning when the flowers open. We hope to return to capture it.

The wattles flower spiradicaly which alters landscapes daily.

This native plant has a unusual flower.

It would be good to return and document the fruit.

Unusual fruit.


Leaving the lagoon it always amazed me that, where this photo was taken was the midldle of Hourse shoe Bay suburb.

A big thank you to my beautiful wife whose photography contributes so much to this blog.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Paper Barks Flowering.

This spider was the largest spider I have seen.

Driving into Arcadia, with beautiful view of Townsville on the horizon..

Alma Bay.

Alma Bay.

Alma Bay.

It is so amazing to realize the abundance of life we take forgranted. these very small shells are attached to rocks by the thousands.

Alma Bay.

Childrens play grounds are a part of the park area leading to the beach.

Alma Bay is a small very beautiful bay. A part of Arcadia, it has many barbecues, benches and chairs. Everything you need to relax and injoy the tranquility.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

"Coming for a barbecue are we"?

"I'll have think about it".


"Me too"?

The company is great at Alma Bay.

Friday, 8 June 2012

This after noon we went to visit the Wallabys and Possoms.
We where delighted to bump into baby Echidna.

Thats it I am off!

Could I dig here?

To rocky, up here.

Defence positions, head in and digging!!

What about here.

Definatly not, a roll down the rockl!!

This ultimate defence machine is protection at all times.
Thoese claws and feet, dig at an amazing rate and are extremely powerful.
This position is for rolling, and when rolled over by dingo's.
There are no dingo's on Magnetic island.

Not my day today. Perhaps I will hide.

Echidns's are quite easy to pick up as thier quills follow a percific direction and your hands can follow the them a to pick them up.

Aboringals used to eat them, the meat is considered delisious.

Echidna's  are Masupials, the female's have a pouch which the young live, utill things get a bit prickly.

An Ecidna even in soft ground is very dificault to remove from the ground.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some one is pregnant? She has a baby in her pouch. Can you guess Who?
She allso has been nipping if she has to wait to long for her food!

Wattle blossoms.

This amazing fungus grows incredably fast, whilst raining. Then with in two days after rain it disapears.

The board walk at the amazing Peppers Resort, Nelly Bay.

FantaSea Barge carries vechile to the island, they have the most nicest staff, it makes comming to the island a joy.

Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal.

Animal friends.

Please , please!!

 Best wishes from Magnetic Island.