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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Words could not explain our gratitude to those following our blog. We are new to blogger and learning. As we introduce new images to this blog we will show them in this post weekly. Then introduce them below. Replacing them with the new. We hope this makes it easier for you. Thank you.

On of  more of the daily changing Sun Sets at Picnic Bay!

Butterfly in flight.

This caterpillar was10cm or bigger.

It amazed us how large this beetle was.

Looking back from Jetty Picnic Bay.


  1. Que lindo esse teu país,as cores são belíssimas !!! Obrigada pela visita e pelo elogio carinhoso... Abraço Jane

  2. Simply amazing blog. My husband and I go to Australia most years to get out of the cold for two weeks mid winter. Why have I not heard of this island. I will be investigating. It looks like the type of place i would love. Thank you for posting on my blog. Cheers janet.

  3. verry nice blog and the photos are really amazing