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Friday, 8 June 2012

This after noon we went to visit the Wallabys and Possoms.
We where delighted to bump into baby Echidna.

Thats it I am off!

Could I dig here?

To rocky, up here.

Defence positions, head in and digging!!

What about here.

Definatly not, a roll down the rockl!!

This ultimate defence machine is protection at all times.
Thoese claws and feet, dig at an amazing rate and are extremely powerful.
This position is for rolling, and when rolled over by dingo's.
There are no dingo's on Magnetic island.

Not my day today. Perhaps I will hide.

Echidns's are quite easy to pick up as thier quills follow a percific direction and your hands can follow the them a to pick them up.

Aboringals used to eat them, the meat is considered delisious.

Echidna's  are Masupials, the female's have a pouch which the young live, utill things get a bit prickly.

An Ecidna even in soft ground is very dificault to remove from the ground.

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